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Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for considering KidZone Kansas City for your event and party rental needs. Below is a series of questions in regards to renting from KidZone Kansas City. We know this list cannot cover every question or concern. If you still have a question after reviewing these FAQs, give us a call at (913)269-7889 and we will be happy to assist you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

When should I book a bounce house or movie screen for my event?

In peak warm weather season, we recommend booking your rental at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

Are the bounce houses clean?

Yes. All our units are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each use. It is as important to us as it is to you that your children enjoy a clean, well-kept, sanitary play space.

Is KidZone Kansas City in compliance with the Kansas Amusement Ride Act?

Yes. The Kansas Amusement Ride Act was enacted on July 1, 2017. In accordance with the law, all inflatable providers must register with the state Department of Labor and undergo a rigorous inspection by a qualified inspector. KidZone Kansas City has completed the Amusement Ride Act process, is in compliance and has received permits for all of their amusement rides that qualify under the Kansas Amusement Ride Act. Clients who choose a compliant event rental provider, like KidZone Kansas City, will eliminate risk for having their event shut down by State officials.

Can I pick up the bounce house and set it up myself?

No. We have skilled delivery and set up personnel who will set the bounce house up and firmly secure it with stakes on a flat, safe area. KidZone Kansas City inflatables are commercial grade and weigh between 150lbs and 500lbs each, making moving and transporting them difficult for customers. At the end of your event, our staff will inspect, deflate and remove the bounce house.

How long can I keep the bounce house or other rentals?

Bounce houses and other inflatable rentals are 4-6 hours in duration. Additional hours may be added for a fee upon approval by KidZone Kansas City staff.

How late in the evening may I keep a bounce house ?

For the safety of all event goers, the pickup of rental equipment that is set up outdoors starts just before dark. If you do need the equipment picked up before a certain time, please advise the driver at time of delivery. If severe weather is expected in the evening we may call you about early pickup. If we anticipate that the unit will not be safe in the late evening or over night, we reserve the right to deny such rentals.

How do I pay for my bounce house, interactive inflatable or movie screen rental?

One half of the rental payment is due at booking. The balance due is payable upon delivery and set-up. Cash, credit card and PayPal are accepted.

Can I cancel my rental?

If you cancel between 2-7 days prior to your rental you will be granted a rain check that is good for 6 months. Cancellations one day before or the day of the scheduled rental date will be subject to full payment.

What is the policy in case of rain or high winds?

For your safety and the safety of your guests, we will not set up an inflatable in moderate to heavy rain or winds of 20 mph or higher.

What do we do if the inflatable is set up and it begins to rain?

Unplug the blower and move it out of the rain while you let the inflatable deflate. Once rain stops, plug the blower back in and wipe down any wet surfaces to avoid slipping. The vinyl gets very slippery when wet. The kids may resume play if the vinyl is no longer wet and slippery.

Is KidZone Kansas City insured?

Yes. KidZone Kansas City has a comprehensive insurance policy in place specifically for inflatables. A certificate of insurance is supplied upon request.

How much room do I need to have a bounce house?

Generally, the bounce house has to have 2 feet of clearance on each side and be clear of trees. Bounce houses dimensions are noted in the bounce house descriptions on the reservations page.

Can a bounce house be set up indoors or in my house?

Yes and no... KidZone Kansas City is accustomed to setting up indoors in local church or school gyms and recreational centers. Most houses do not have the ceiling clearance to place our inflatables indoors. Bounce houses dimensions are noted in the bounce house descriptions on the reservations page. Sand anchoring is used for indoor set ups to secure inflatables in place. An additional sand anchoring surcharge applies to all indoor inflatable set ups.

When it is very hot outside, is it still all right to have children play inside a bounce house?

The bounce areas are shaded with “roofs’ and don’t generally get warmer than the actual air temperature. It’s always a good idea to have all jumpers take occasional water breaks on especially warm days.

Can an inflatable be set up indoors?

Yes, most can be set up indoors. You will need at least 13 feet of ceiling clearance. In an indoor situation, we will anchor bounce houses and inflatable movie screens with sand anchors.

Can an inflatable be set up on pavement?

Yes. Please let us know when making your reservation so we can bring along our sand anchoring system and extra tarps. Extra fees apply when sand anchoring is used in lieu of stake anchoring.

What are my responsibilities as the renter of a bounce house?

It is the renter’s responsibility to identify and assign a responsible adult to supervise children in play. All rentals will be inspected prior to removal from your event. It is expected that rented units will be in the same undamaged, excellent condition as when it was delivered and set up.

Do I need an attendant?

There should ALWAYS be someone supervising any bounce house. The most important duties of an attendant are limiting the number of children in or on the inflatable at one time, making sure that the children are all of similar size and controlling the behavior of all participants.

Can water be placed or sprayed on a bounce house or other inflatable?

No. Most inflatables are not made for water play. It is not safe to play on them when they are wet and it does damage to the inflatable. The only exception to this is our water slides. If water is placed on any unit other than our water slide, a fee of at least $100.00 will be charged. This covers the cost of cleaning and drying the unit and may cover the rental fee due to any missed rentals. In the event of rain, unplug blower, remove or cover blower from rain and let the inflatable deflate.


• Only compatible age groups and size shall play on the unit at the same time (e.g., rotate younger and older age groups in and out of the inflatable).

• All participants MUST REMOVE SHOES before playing in the inflatable unit.


• Absolutely no “Silly String”, gum, candy, food or other sticky substances are allowed in our inflatable units. If upon pick up, such cleaning is required, a $50.00 cleaning fee shall be automatically imposed. Unless the unit is damaged then the lessee is responsible for all damage.

• The inflatable equipment is not to be moved from the place where it was installed. Our delivery personnel will determine the best and safest space for unit placement. CAUTION: Keep the all units on a flat surface and away from swimming pools.