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    Inflatable Human Snow Globe Rental

    Human Snow Globe - Winter


    Enter, strike a pose & snap a pic!

    Description: Step into the magical world of a snow globe for fabulous event photos! A great photo op for up to 6 guests - just enter, pose, snap a photo with a camera or phone, and you'll have a memorable photo souvenir to share. This one-of-a-kind 15′ inflatable snow globe is made of clear vinyl and features an attached igloo that serves as an airlock so that guests can enter while the globe is inflated. KidZone's snow globes come with glowing LED lights to amp up the magic.

    IMPORTANT: Although they look like it, these are not bounce houses. They are not designed to be jumped on. Please don't rent a globe with that intent or allow users to jump inside. This is a closed air system so there is nowhere for the air to go. Think of it as a snow globe shaped photo booth. Guests get in, take a pic, and get out.

    Requirements: The Snow Globe will need a 20' x 20' area with a 15' ceiling. Snow Globes may be used outdoors in a very well lit area with temperatures above 35 degrees.